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Complete project design relative to a new factory with outlying offices in Ponte di Piave (TV). Construction realized in 2004 over a total surface of about 11.000 sm.
The shape and form and dimension of the building have been determinated by specific requests on behalf of the purchaser who needed a large surface for his productive  as well as for his operative activity.
A big part of the company’s offices, infact, were established with the building of a new building, a leading element of the entire productive complex. The triple storey building stands on top of a one meter high basement characterized by two fixed images: the first,  a tangent  square behind the building and the second, a rectangle rotated at 30° permitting in this way the layout of the garden between the laboratory and the offices. The space created by these images are characterized by natural and traditional materials like glass and 5 wooden pillars standing on the south side while the rest of  the building is laid out with a ventilated lining in fire brick.

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