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Eng. Giancarlo Casetta

Owner and Project Manager

Born in Gorgo al Monticano in 1956.  He graduated at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Padova in 1981.  Following the next five years, he worked as engineer for  a construction company, Costruzioni Generali Altan Prefabbricati S.p.A.  Together with the team of this company he participated to the realization of numerous works over the national territory ( such as numerous buildings due to the earthquake of Irpinia).

Furthermore, he collaborated with the supervision of works regarding  big works for commercial and industrial groups like Stefanel S.p.A. and the car park in Gorizia – Fantoni  S.p.A.
In 1987 together with two collaborators, he founded the Studio and in 2000 it became  Casetta and Partners with a team of twenty people.  The only owner of the Studio Casetta and Partners has a thirty-year experience  in project management  and in logistic management of construction sites.  He has always conducted and negotiated bargaining  in the planning  working phase and since 1986 up to today, over five hundred works have been realized and executed .

He has a consolildated experience in the supervision of works, production and the realization of industrial prefabrication systems in c.a.p. as well as in civil prefabrication for structures in x-lam multi-layer wood .  Since 2013 he gives his professionalism and collaborated with a company specialized in this sector on a new project for prefabricated “Mobile Houses”  for tourist facility use.

Since 2012, with the collaboration of highly specialized and qualified  professionalism, he is conducting the prelimanary and final design for the realization of a new industrial installation plant in Porto Marghera (VE) over an area of almost 400.000 square meters for the realization of plants for the  extraction of  vegetable oil from seed oil, electric power plants and huge storehouses for seed storage, which will all be linked to a new harbour wharf.


Arch. Claudia Col

Architectural Design

Claudia Col was born in Iseo (BS) in 1964.  In 1977 she moved to Oderzo (TV) and in 1989 she graduated in Architechture  at the IUAV, Faculty of Architechture in Venice where she obtained a first-class degree with honours in Architechtonic Restoration.

In 1990 she joined the Studio of Engineer Casetta and since 1997 she is assigned architechtonic and urbanistic project designer.  She coordinates, controls and supervises the consultants in the project work planning phase.  With twenty-three years of experience at the Studio Casetta and Partners, she is specialized and qualified in architechtonic buildings design aimed to the residential and tertiary industry sector.

In 2008 she partecipated in a cycle of workshop seminars  at the Faculty of Architechture in Barcellona (Biarch),  regarding the theme “Residence and new ways to project and design space for better living” and in 2011 she attended a seminar at the Faculty of Architechture in Toronto (Canada) regarding the theme “Study of new forms and volume in urban centres”.  Furthermore, she has conducted significant  experience in project  designing both on building and urban scales.

In total accordante with the owner, she has applied innovative design that emphasizes the theme of environmental sustainability.  The leading motive for her style of project  designing lies in the continue research and study of forms and materials as regards to time and places.

Among the many terminated projects, exclusively belonging to the Studio Casetta and Partners, some have been published in magazines for International circulation and distribution like Area.

Arch. Alessandro Re

Executive Design

Born in Como in 1972.  He graduated at the Politecnico in Milan in 2000.  Since then he has been collaborating with Studio Casetta & Partners as responsabile for project design, fire prevention and supervision of works.

He has obtained specific qualifications in architechtonic design aimed to energy saving and bio-architechture.  Furthermore, he has followed various corse and formastive conventions such as Home Climate and the  ANAB  biennial course  (National Associatiion Bio-ecologic Architechture).

In 2008 he attended the course,  sustained the specialization qualification exam  on the projection of  fire prevention at the National Fire Brigade Corps and obtained his certification, valid for registration entry at the Ministry of the Interior of qualified technicians for the projection and certification of fire prevention.

Arch. Mauro Bonotto

Executive Design

Mauro Bonotto was born in 1973, both italian and german as mothertongue, he graduated and obtained a first-class degree with honours in Architechtonic Restoration at  the IUAV in Venice in 2001 and obtained his qualification to exercise his profession in the same year.  Up to 2004 he worked as university assistant for architectonic restoration and urban restoration couses and he collaborated with the restoration intervention of Castel Belasi in Trento and the Sala del Ridotto of the Theatre Verdi in Trieste.

Since 2004 he has been collaborating with the Studio Casetta and Partners.  Since 1999 he is qualified as coordinator in safety matters.  From 2005  to 2007 he specialized in bio-building techniques and in bio-ecologic  architecture including ANAB courses  – National Association of Bio-ecologic Architechture, of which he is partner.  Since 2008 he is authorized auditor for the company CasaClima in Bolzano for high-energetic efficiency homes.  He is an expert in ITACA protocol regarding environmental sustainability, accredited to iiSBE, Italy.  In 2009 he attended a specialization qualifying course to obtain the VEA energetic-environmental certification at Ares – Regional Agency of Sustainable Building Construction in Friuli Venezia Giulia.  In 2010, he partecipated in a course for academic teachers on VEA – ITACA selection.  Since 2012 he is founder-member of “gPHI – Gruppo Passiva House Italia”, section of Treviso.

At Studio Casetta and Partners he is responsable for designing execution , supervising of works, sustainability, ecology and energy, analysis and energetic certification.

Geom. Mauro Modolo

Estimates and Accounting

Born in Oderzo (TV) in 1967.  He obtained his Certificate at the  J. Sansovino Technical  Institute in Oderzo in 1985.

In Studio Casetta & Partners  he is in charge of systematic  verification to estimate for all expenditure processes,contract work including some economic  aspects regarding work orders.

He collaborates with the supervision of works  as  a guarantee for its correct  execution, quality performance and good use of economic  resources . Furthermore,  he is responsable for  the management of all interactive relations with the various interlocutory  companies and agencies for what concerns project development and work execution.

Geom. Mauro Bolzon

Topography and Cadastre

Born in Motta di Livenza (TV) in 1961.  He obtained his Certificate at the J. Sansovino Technical Institute in Oderzo, (TV) in 1981.

Since 1986 he has been collaborating with the Studio Casetta & Partners.  He is qualified for the procedures 81/08 on safety matters and assigned as coordinator for design and work supervision.  Furthermore, he is responsabile for the topography sector, cadastral practices and mediation (D.M.  18 October 2010).

Since 2011 he has become  qualified technician concerning  the technical  discipline of civil and commercial mediation.